The Competitions

There will be two papers in 2021 based on the Australian Curriculum: History.

A year 9 & 10 paper will be broadly based on the Australian Curriculum: History for Years 9 and 10. 

A year 7 & 8 paper will be broadly based on the Australian Curriculum: History for Years 7 and 8.

In 2021 we will offer separate prizes for the winning students from each year group to recognise their achievements including a $250 prize for the National Champions of each grade (Total prize pool capped at $2,500).


  • In each paper students will be given 45 minutes to complete 50 multiple choice questions.
  • Many of the questions will be source-based.
  • Each student will receive a question paper, a source booklet and an answer sheet.
  • The questions will be graded from easy to challenging, catering for a range of abilities.
  • There will be a variety of questions addressing knowledge, skills and understandings.
  • Select ‘Sample Questions’ to view some questions from previous years.


  • The 2021 Competition date is set for Wednesday June 2nd although the competition can be run at any time from Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June.
  • Enter students in the competition by registering online or by hard copy .
  • We will send question papers for your students and a Teacher Guide for running the competition.
  • Check that you receive the correct number of papers for each year group and contact us if there has been an error.
  • Both competitions are to be run under test conditions in a 45 minute period.
  • Express Post the completed answer sheets to us, postmarked no later than June 4th.
  • Students’ answers will be marked and they will receive awards ranging from Participation to High Distinction.
  • We will return student results and certificates in early August.
  • Medallions will be presented to all state winners, portfolios and $250 prizes to National Champions (capped at $2,500).

Entry – Registration

  • The cost will be a school administration fee of $45 and a fee per student of $7.00.
  • The closing date for registration is March 31st.
  • If a school wishes to increase the number of students please notify us by the end of April.
    NB there will be an admin fee of $10 for extra invoices.
  • No refunds will be given after the 30th April