Have Your Riddles Published Online

If you would like to have your students (or yourself) write riddles we will put a selection of them online each week.  Download the guidelines or read below.  Save your riddles in a word document and email them to us.

How to Write a History Riddle

1. Start with your answer

It could be a person, a place, a significant object or an event.

2. Write down everything you know about your answer

Eg if it’s a Who Am I

• When were they born?
• Where did they live?
• Did they invent something?
• What were they famous for?

3. Describe some items from point 2

This is the interesting, clever and creative part where you make your riddle more fun.
These descriptions could be adjectives that describe the appearance, smell, taste, feel, or
sound of the answer, or they could be verbs that pertain to actions related to your answer.
For example, a chicken is soft, feathery, and small, also, chickens like to peck and cluck. You
may also want to write down synonyms for these words. Let your mind flow freely during this
discovery stage.

4. Start writing sentences

• Don’t give away the answer by using the exact word in your riddle
• Try not to use more than 5 lines
• Don’t make it too easy
• Use clues rather than simply describing your answer

Think of things that:
• Happened in the same year
• Have a similar name
• Make you think of certain words

5. Piece the riddle together

Start with “What am I”, “Who am I” or “Where am I”.
Add in up to 5 lines with your clues

6. Submit your riddle

Send your riddle, along with your answer via email.