January 7th 2020

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Australian History Competition.  To celebrate this milestone and recognise the important part teachers play in the success of the competition we are offering a teacher scholarship.

The scholarship will provide a three day all expenses paid tip to Tasmania including a visit to MONA, Port Arthur and The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.  Accommodation will be in the new MACq 01 Storytelling Hotel right on the waterfront of Sullivans Cove and Salamanca.

Details about how to apply for the scholarship will be on the website by January 17th.

October 3rd 

Samuel Wise from Arden Anglican School is a joint State Champion in the Year 10 division for NSW.

September 29th

The Manly Campus of Northern Beaches Secondary College has two state champions this year.  They are Samuel Rose from year 7 and Todd Alexander from year 10.

September 23rd

Newcastle Grammar  School had two winners.  Matthew MacDougall (left) was a joint State Champion in year 10 and Kalen Routley (right) was National Champion in year 8.

September 20th

William Horabin from Perth Modern School is the State Champion for year 8  in Western Australia.

September 17th

Cannon Hill Anglican student, Sarah Leonard, joint Queensland State Champion in Year 8 with her medal  and certificate.  She is standing with Michael McMahon – Head of the Humanities Faculty and Mr. Gary O’Brien – principal.

September 14th

St Mary Mackillop College’s Sophie Gunning is the Wa year 10 State Champion for 2019.

September 12th

William Thomas from Year 10 at Haileybury Rendall College with his certificate and winner’s medal for The Northern Territory.

August 31st 2019

Seymour College’s Claire Grosser is the South Australian Champion for grade 9.

August 30th 2019

Another Tasmanian State Champion – Henry Gell from grade 8 at New Town High School

August 29th 2019

From Temple Christian College is Samuel Misailidis who is joint year 7 State Champion in SA

August 28th 2019 

Caitlin Moncur from John Curtin School of the Arts was joint State Champion in year 7 for West Australia.

August 27th 2019

Meet the first of our state champions for 2019.  Zara Musk from Scotch Oakburn College in Launceston Tasmania.

August 16th 2019

We have almost finished printing the certificates and they should be arriving in schools next week.

August 6th 2019

Certificates are being printed now and we hope to have finished by early next week.  You should receive your certificates by Monday 19th.  Thank you for your support this year.  Announcements of State and National winners will be made in the next week.

July 12th 2019

We are still processing the results for the 2019 competition.  You should have received an email during the last week with a list of all your students’ names.  Could you please check them for spelling and return any corrections to us in the format requested.

Certificates will be printed when we have received the corrections.

May 12th 2019

The papers have all been posted to schools and you should receive them during this week.  If you have not received them by Thursday 23rd May please check with your office to see if they are there.  If not, let us know that they haven’t arrived and we will send a new set.

April 9th 2019

Entries for the competition have increased again this year as more teachers use the competition to provide opportunities for their students to excel.  Some like the prizes, while others just enjoy the refreshing way the competition tests their historical skills.  Still time to enter, just email the number of students you wish to enter in each year group to along with your name and the school name.

March 26th 2019

Online results available soon.  We are in the process of providing the results for the competition online later this week.  This facility is in response to feedback from teachers and will speed up providing the results for the competition.  We will also be able to provide archived results for previous years starting with 2018.

March 19th 2019

Get with the strength!  We have over 20 000 students enrolled for the competition already this year.  Join with your teaching colleagues from around Australia to showcase History to your students, school and wider community.  Last year we had over 33 000.  Let’s aim for 35 000 this year.

February 14th 2019

Just a reminder that entries for the 2019 competition close on March 31st.

January 31st 2019

If you would like an interesting challenge each week, we are putting a weekly riddle on our facebook group page.  This is a closed group with restricted access to history teachers and those in training and is a place to share ideas for resources.

December 20th 2018

Thank you all for supporting our efforts to raise the profile of History in the community during 2018.  We look forward to working with you all again in 2019 as we continue the revolution to build the significance of history to the Australian curriculum.

Our office will be closed until January 14th and we will be mailing out a brochure to schools by January 21st so you should receive the brochure towards the end of January (depending on the good auspices of Australia Post!)

The competition will run in the week including June 5th and the closing date for registrations is March 31st.

The team at the Australian History Competition would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and relaxing holiday break.

November 12th 

Tate Fairbanks and Alexandra Fortescue from Perth Modern School are the WA state champions for year 8 and year 9.

October 29th – Coming soon  – improved access to results

In early November we will be releasing a new function that will allow teachers to view their students’ results online.  As an extra feature teachers will be able to see the results of individual students and individual student’s answers to each question.  The files will be viewable online or in a form that can be downloaded to a spreadsheet.

This initiative is in response to requests from teachers for additional feedback on student performance.  If it proves of interest we may also be able to provide an archive list of students results from previous years.

October 26th

October 22nd

Daniel Holland from Fort St High School was the State Champion for NSW in grade 8 and was also joint  National Champion.

October 3rd

The year 9 Sate Champion for Queensland is Sam Robertson from Indooroopilly SHS

September 24th

Mackillop College in Tasmania had both the year 9 (Mara Dalton) and year 10 state champions (Oliver White)

September 19th

Tasmania’s year 7 champion is Henry Gell from New Town High School

September 15th

St Patricks had two State Champions in Tasmania – Year 9, Eleanor March and Year 7, Jaime Jones.

September 12th

The year 10 State Champion in SA was Kate McKay from Loreto College.

September 7th

Katerina Kalogerakis was the joint National and State Champion in NSW in Year 9.

 September 1st

Peter Susanto from Haileybury Rendall School was the NT champion in year 9

And also in year 9, Rory Rasmussen from SA

August 23rd

Tasmania’s year 9 State Champion is Mara Dalton

And from South Australia in Year 7 is Grace Mann.

August 22nd

The photos of our state and national champions keep coming. Below are Tate Fairbanks (year 8 State Champion) and Alexandra Fortescue (year 9 State Champion) from Perth Modern School in WA.

Congratulations also to Lachlan Minchin the year 10 State Champion for West Australia.

August 16th 

Congratulations to our State and National Champions for 2018.  Our champions are drawn from a wide variety of schools ranging from rural and regional schools to the major urban centres and from state schools to selective schools and independent schools.  Look below to see the champions!

Lara Corbin from Taroona High School – Tasmanian State Champion for year 8

Oscar Lin from Geraldton Grammar is the National Champion for year 7 and State Champion in West Australia.

Finn Slattery-O’Brien was joint year 7 State Champion for New South Wales.

Seymour College in South Australia had two joint State Champions, Bronte De Zwart in year 9 and Leah Stam

August 1st

The final batch of certificates will be posted this afternoon.  These will go to Queensland and NSW schools.  Our apologies for the delay in printing.

July 16th – Certificates being printed

The results and certificates for students are currently being printed and will be posted out this week and next. This week we are aiming to complete the posting for Victoria, Queensland, WA and the Northern Territory.  The remaining states will be printed next week.

May 11th – Check papers

All schools should have received their Question papers, Source Sheets and Answer Sheets by now.  Please open the package and count each of these items to ensure that you have the correct number of each.  If not, email us at and let us know the year level and number missing and whether it is a question book, source sheet or answer sheet and we will post out extras.

If you have not received a package please check with your office to see if it is there and if not contact us so that we can send a new package.

May 2nd – Papers coming

Quick note to let you know that the papers have been posted and should arrive in your school by early next week.

When you get them please open them and check that you have the correct number of papers, source sheets and answer sheets.  If you need extra, email us at and tell us the year level, number you need and whether they are AS, SS or Question Papers.

March 10th – Entries for 2018 closing soon

The competition date for 2018 is Wednesday May 23rd, however we do have some flexibility with dates if this doesn’t suit your school.

The closing date for entries is March 31st.

November 4th – Victoria challenges the other states with National Champions in three year groups.

Year 10 National and State Champion – Benjamin Lawrence

Year 9 State and National Champion Alan Xiong

Alan says “The most rewarding part of studying history is being able to piece together ideas and information to form the “bigger picture”. By analysing this “bigger picture” we can see how the past connects with the present and how key people and events have affected us, providing us with a wholly new perspective.”

Year 8 State and National Champion – Sarah Berry

November 1st – Riddles for the end of year

Join the Challenge and make history fun.  Look at the new Riddles tab at the top of the page.  Each week for the rest of the year we will be putting a riddle up.  See if your students can work out the answers!

October 30th – Queensland – Emmaus College

Emmaus College year 9 student Eric Slattery has become a state champion in this year’s Australian History Competition.

Eric received the highest marks in the state for his year level and received a high distinction award as well.

Learning and teaching leader of Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE) Robyn Coase said the exams were based on the year 7-8 and the year 9-10 joint curriculum, meaning younger students took on course work they may not yet have covered in class.

“The tests are broken up into historical knowledge and then historical sources,” she said.

“We are finding our students are improving each year on the source analysis section.

“We’ve never had a state winner before so we are very proud.”

“This year, however, was our best yet, with more than half of the students selected receiving an award,” she said.

Ms Coase said being selected to take part in the test was just one more way the students could be acknowledged for their talents.

“Plus it allows them to take on a challenge to see how they fare against students from throughout Australia.”

October 26th – NT State Champion

October 20th – NSW State Champion for year 10

William says “I think that history is one of the most important topics to study, learning from mistakes made in the past and trying to replicate former glory is how we can build our society and better ourselves. The fact that we have so much information about what has happened in the past is amazing and we should not ignore all the amazing stories and entertainment we can find from stories from the past.”

October 14th – SA State Champions for year 10

Endeavour College students Samuel Carroll and Luke Schwarz are congratulated by their Principal Heather Vogt on their achievement.

October 8th – WA State Champion for year 10

Continuing the trend of champions from the bush congratulate Jacob Weller from Willetton State High School.  Its great to provide the opportunity to celebrate with our students

October 5th – Queensland State Champion for year 8 

Kevin Gu from Mansfield State High School is the Year 8 Queensland State Champion for the Australian History Competition in 2017

September 29th – NSW State Champion for year 9 

Our Champions don’t just come from the capital cities.  Congratulations to Hugh Litchfield from Illawarra Christian School.

September 19th – State Champions in WA

Celebrate our high performers.  Join the revolution and and use the Australian History Competition to promote your subject and your school.

September 9th – State Champions ACT

Oarsome foursome from Prince Alfred College.  Max Chapman, Cameron Smith, Charlie Keeves, Sam Bennetts – joint State Champions

August 8th – Certificates arriving

We apologise for the certificates coming a week late this year.  The last of the certificates have been posted and they should arrive in schools by the end of this week or early next week.  State and National winners will be announced on the website on Thursday.

May 2nd – Not too late to enter

After the mailout we have some spare papers available, so if you know of anyone who would like to enter this year please get them to email us the number of students that they would like to enter and the year level, their name and school and we will do the registration for them.  The can email us at

May 1st – Papers posted

We have finished the main mailout of question papers so please let your office know to expect them and pass them on.

February 6th – Registrations are rolling in

Welcome back to the new school year.  We wish you all the best for a happy and successful year and look forward to working with you to promote the importance of history in producing well rounded globally aware citizens.

We have been receiving a lot of registrations already and are looking forward to welcoming new schools into the history fold in 2017.  Just a reminder that registrations close on March 31st.

If you have any queries please contact us at or phone 03 62312885

September 16th – National Champion for year 10

The following article from the Adelaide Advertiser recognises the achievement of Emma Belgraver – our top student for 2016.

Endeavour College student Emma Belgraver is the top Year 10 student in Australia in the Australian History Competition. Picture: Tom Huntley

FROM post-war immigration to pillbox hats, Emma Belgraver finds fascination in historical origins.

The Endeavour College girl was the highest-scoring Year 10 student in the nation in the Australian History Competition.

More than 11,000 Year 10s sat the 45-minute exam, which requires students to draw on their general knowledge and analyse a variety of sources — including maps, graphs, political speeches and cartoons — in order to answer 50 multiple choice questions.

Emma scored 96 per cent, with the closest competitor in her year level on 92 per cent.

The Mawson Lakes school’s head of history David Thiele delivered the good news.

“He sat me down and said Emma, you got the top score in South Australia. Not only that, you got the top score in Australia. I didn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it,” she said.

Emma says Arthur Calwell, a key driver of Australia’s “populate or perish” post-war immigration policy, is one of our most important historical figures.

August 24th – Top school results

The following table shows the schools that have received the best average marks for their top five students in each year level.

Average School State
Year 7
93.60 Scotch College VIC
92.40 Williamstown High School – Bayview St VIC
90.40 Fort Street High School NSW
90.40 Koonung Secondary College VIC
88.00 Home Education Network VIC
Year 8
98.00 Radford College ACT
96.80 Brisbane State High School QLD
96.80 Perth Modern Senior High School WA
95.60 Glenunga International High School SA
94.80 Scotch College VIC
Year 9
78.40 Perth Modern Senior High School WA
72.40 Glenunga International High School SA
70.40 Chatswood High School NSW
70.40 Balwyn High School VIC
70.40 Kelmscott Senior High School WA
Year 10
84.80 Sydney Girls High School NSW
84.40 NBSC – Manly Selective High Campus NSW
83.60 St Josephs College – Hunters Hill NSW
79.60 Penrith High School NSW
79.60 Goulburn Valley Grammar School VIC

July 28th – National and State Champions

Congratulations to the following students who are the National and State Champions for 2016

National Champions are shown in RedState Champions are shown in black
Year 7
VIC1116 Home Education Network JOSHUA BERRY 98
VIC1116 Home Education Network SARAH BERRY 98
VIC1171 Scotch College ROY CHALMERS 98
QLD1139 Mountain Creek State High School FLETCHER CONNIE 96
NSW1145 Kelso High School MAYA MCGRATH 94
NSW1179 Sefton High School WILSON CHU 94
SA1101 Concordia College – Concordia Campus OLIVIA THOMAS 94
WA1153 Wagin District High School RICKY LINKLATER 94
TAS1114 Taroona High School MICHAEL REES 92
NT1103 The Essington School VICTORIA LYNGAAE 90
ACT1101 Amaroo School MATTHEW GATEGOOD 88
ACT1106 Marist College Canberra JAYDEN ORDANIC 88
Grade 8
ACT1110 Radford College CHRISTINA GAO 100
ACT1110 Radford College JIANI YANG 100
QLD1113 Brisbane State High School BILL VICKERMAN 100
WA1130 Kelmscott Senior High School INDIGO BEW 100
NSW1211 Canterbury Girls high School SOFIA GOULDING 98
SA1103 Glenunga International High School JOSEPH JANTKE 98
TAS1104 Exeter High School CATELYN TURNER 98
VIC1103 Camberwell Girls Grammar School ALLY QUAN 98
VIC1115 Goulburn Valley Grammar School DANIEL SHARROCK 98
VIC1115 Goulburn Valley Grammar School BEN TEMPLETON 98
VIC1136 Reservoir High School CHENXIN TU 98
NT1100 Darwin Middle School ANJALI MENON 94
NT1100 Darwin Middle School CAYLUM ROY 94
Grade 9
NT1103 The Essington School LEILA HEINRICH 84
VIC1104 Camberwell Grammar School OLIVER PAPILLO 84
WA1142 Perth Modern Senior High School DARREN MOH 82
WA1142 Perth Modern Senior High School PATRICK PHAM 82
NSW1111 Bonnyrigg High School STEFAN VUJANIC 80
QLD1120 Centenary State High School CALUM LE-SHEK 80
SA1103 Glenunga International High School DANIEL VILJOEN 74
ACT1104 Campbell High School PRITHVI SAXENA 68
ACT1111 Telopea Park School EMILY NGUYEN 68
TAS1101 New Town High School Finlay Semmens 68
Year 10
SA1102 Endeavour College Emma Belgraver 96
NSW1162 NBSC – Manly Selective High Campus HANA MCMAHON 92
TAS1108 Marist College Burnie MITCHELL SCOTT 92
QLD1191 Indooroopilly State High School MAYA LAMONT 86
VIC1107 Donvale Christian College PATRICK GROCOTT 86
VIC1129 Marymede Catholic College AJAY JAY 86
ACT1102 Burgmann Anglican School ELIZABETH SPOLLARD 84
WA1130 Kelmscott Senior High School MARTYN MU 82
WA1142 Perth Modern Senior High School RONAN PETTIT 82
NT1102 NT Open Education Centre (NTOEC) ALEC FOSTER 74
NT1102 NT Open Education Centre (NTOEC) PORTIA GALLAGHER 74

July 26th – Certificates

All certificates were posted by Friday 22nd.  Please allow 10 days for them to arrive before contacting us for reprints.

June 22nd – Results

Thank you for getting your answer sheets to us promptly.  Results for this years’s competition are being processed and we will begin posting out the certificates on Monday June 27th.  The national winners will be announced early next week although the prizes will take time to have made and engraved.

June 10th – Competition Date for 2017

The date for the Australian History Competition in 2017 is Wednesday May 24th.

March 30th – Numbers are growing

The number of registrations for the competition have already exceeded last years total.

If you woul like to register for this year just email us at and tell us the number of students and the year level and we will organise the registration for you.

March 8th – AHC to offer a top school prize

As part of our aim to promote History in the curriculum The Australian History Competition will this year provide awards to the top three schools in the country in each year group.

The schools will be selected by comparing the average mark of the top five students from each school for each year level.  In this way schools who enter a whole year cohort and small schools are not disadvantaged .  Also schools who only enter their top students will not have any advantage.

February 12th – AHC open for all years from 7 to 10

In 2016 the Australian History Competition will run a competition for each year level from year 7 to year 10.  There will be two papers, one for year 7 & 8 and one for year 9 & 10.  Prizes will be offered to the top students in each state in each year level with national awards lso at each year level.

November 5th – confirmation of competition date

We can now confirm that the 2016 Competition will be held on May 25th

September 3rd – Entries are now open for 2016

You can enter the Australian History Competition for 2016 now by going to our registration page.

August 12th – Kate Johnston Victorian State Champion

The following quote is from Kate when she was interviewed by the press.

“The competition is a fantastic opportunity for students in Years 7-10. I have
participated in it every year and feel so honoured that in my last year of competing
I’ve been able to achieve this award! I highly recommend that all students who are
eligible to enter next year do so!”


August 10th – Registration for 2016

Registration for the 2016 competition is now open.  Check out the details for 2016 under competition details  on our website.

The key information is:

  • Provisional competition date is Wednesday  May 25th 2016
  • Cost per student remains at $6.00
  • School Admin fee is $40.00

July 23rd – National and State winners

Congratulations to the following students who are the National champions for 2015.  

Year 10

THOMAS JONES – Fort St High School


Year 8

TOMMY KWON from Penrith High School.

Australian History Competition State champions 2015
Year 8 AHC 2015
CALUM WONG Hale School WA State Champion  2015 Year 8
STEVEN HUANG Camberwell Grammar School VIC State Champion  2015 Year 8
ISABELLA BURGESS St Michaels Collegiate TAS State Champion  2015 Year 8
TOM ARNOLD Prince Alfred College SA State Champion  2015 Year 8
RICARDO BASILE Mountain Creek State High School QLD State Champion  2015 Year 8
OTTO BLUM The Essington School Darwin NT State Champion  2015 Year 8
TOMMY KWON Penrith High School NSW State Champion  2015 Year 8
MAX OVINGTON Alfred  Deakin High School ACT State Champion  2015 Year 8
PRITHVI SAXENA Campbell High School ACT State Champion  2015 Year 8
Year 10 AHC 2015
ISABEL MATTHEWS Canberra High School ACT State Champion  2015 Year 10
THOMAS JONES Fort Street High School NSW State Champion  2015 Year 10
JESSICA CHAMBERS Presbyterian Ladies College – Armidale NSW State Champion  2015 Year 10
ALEXANDER BRUER NT Open Education Centre (NTOEC) NT State Champion  2015 Year 10
SEB HIRST Centenary State High School QLD State Champion  2015 Year 10
JOHN ATKINSON The Cathedral School QLD State Champion  2015 Year 10
RILEY THORNE Xavier College – Gawler SA State Champion  2015 Year 10
DANIEL WEBB Mackillop College TAS State Champion  2015 Year 10
JORAN GRIFFITHS Tasman District High School TAS State Champion  2015 Year 10
HENRY ELLINGSEN The Friends’ School TAS State Champion  2015 Year 10
KATE JOHNSTON Catholic College Wodonga VIC State Champion  2015 Year 10
GEORGIA NOUTSO Huntingtower VIC State Champion  2015 Year 10
MATTHEW YEUNG Great Southern Grammar WA State Champion  2015 Year 10

July 22nd – Results and certificates

The certificates for the Australian History Competition are in the process of being printed and posted.  The certificates will be arriving in schools from early next week.

February 27th – Closing date for entry

Registrations from schools are rolling in and it looks like numbers will be up again this year.  Join the push to promote the importance of History in the curriculum by entering your students in the Australian History Competition

Closing date for registrations is April 2nd.  Register here or just email your numbers to

January 22nd – Welcome to 2015

Welcome back to school for 2015.  We hope that you have had a great holiday.

Now that you are back on the job it is a good time to consider joining Australia’s largest History program with over 20 000 students involved in 2014.

As we grow the competition it becomes an even more prestigious event that further enhances the place of history in the National Curriculum.  We hope you will support this initiative to promote the study of history.

To find out about the compeition view our brochure.

You can register at any time up to April 2nd.

November 20th – Information for 2015

The Australian History Competition will run on Wednesday May 27th 2015

Cost remains the same at $6.00 per student.

You can register at anytime at

October 8th – Read about our National Winner Aaron

Aarons History achievement

August 6th – National Champion profiles

Congratulations to the National Champions for 2014. Here are brief profiles about each of them.

National winner  year 10

Jack Annear


Christ Church Grammar School student Jack Annear (Year 10) was not planning on studying History in Years 11 and 12, but his result in the Australian History Competition may have changed his mind. He was extremely surprised to discover he had the top score in Australia for Year 10. “If I don’t do History next year, I’ll definitely continue learning and reading for interest as pastime,” Jack said.

Q. What’s ‘cool’ about History?

A. You learn about people, events and things that have created the world we live in today. Not only is it interesting, but it also allows us to make informed decisions that are based on the past.

Q. What aspect of the Australian History Competition did you enjoy most?

A. I found the part on the First World War the most interesting. That part of history has shaped the way we are now. It particularly interests me, as my family believes we have a relative in the first ships to arrive at Gallipoli.

National winners year 8

Digby Williams 


Digby likes history because its about people’s lives.  He really enjoys reading Horrible Histories.

Digby’s favourite time period is pre-renaissance era because it is quite well differentiated from our own time and is not dominated by technology.  He finds both the ancient period and medieval period fascinating.

It wasn’t until the day of the Competition that Digby knew he was going to do it.  He was just picked out of class on the day.  He thought it was just like a test, but well set out and easy to follow.  Apart from that he can’t remember much about it!

Sarah Berry


I love reading books. I enjoy reading biographies about famous people in history. My favourite series have been the YWAM ‘Christian Heroes Then and Now’ by Janet & Geoff Benge and also the ‘My Royal Stories’ published by Scholastic.

I really haven’t done much history for school. I have just read these books instead. As a family, we have lived in Mozambique for 3 months and also stayed at some orphanages in Cambodia so have learnt a lot of their history by being there.

The competition is a lot of comprehension, so you could find a lot of the answers in how they asked the questions and looking at the diagrams, tables and pictures. It is always worth having a go and trying.

James Grant


I like history because I like to look at how things worked in the past, and I like to look at the fine details throughout the ages.

My favourite areas of history are Maritime History, Medieval History, The world wars and British History.

I found the History competition to be relatively easy, incorporating logic more that knowledge of history. Overall it was pretty easy